Simply Powerfull Secrets


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  •  Basic Knowladge of Blogging.
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Only Serious Bloggers, Not for Beginners

No Refund After Product Deliver


  • Don’t Buy if You are a Member of SEOMafia PRO(Google Mamu Already Published on there).
  • As You know it is a Digital Product, So There is No Refund after Complete the Payment.
  • It can take Up To 2-3 Hours To get access to Videos after Payment.
  • What’s Inside?

    Google Mamu Trick #1

    1. Introduction of GoogleMamu and Rules – 10 mins
    2. How Chrome Web Store Works – 8 mins
    3. How to Create and Publish an Extention – 23 mins
    4. The Price – 7 mins
    5. – 156 KB

    Google Mamu Trick #2

    1. Convert Any Social Media Traffic into Organic Traffic – 7 mins
    2. Link.txt – 47 Bytes

    What is Google Mamu?

    Google Mamu is a Bunch of Mindblowing Secret Tricks Where Our Aim is to Byepass The Search Algorithm with the Help of Google itself and Rank Our Blog Faster on Seach Result. it is a Module of the SEOMafia Pro Course. This is a Mini Pack for those People Who can’t Afford The Entire Course.


    How You will Get Access?

    After Successfully Making the Payment, We take up to 2 hours to add you to the course. You will Receive an Email from where you can watch all the Videos.