SEOMafia v1.2

Advanced SEO Course for New Bloggers. Rank your Blog/Article/Micro-Niche Sites easily With The SEOMafia Blogging Course.

Minutes of Video

Advanced Keyword research

Keyword Researching is the First thing you need to learn before creating your blogs on any Niche. Before Writing Any Article, you have to select the Perfect Keyword to Rank fast on Google. To be an Expert on Keyword Researching SEOMafia Will Help you in all Way.

  • Understanding The Keyword Research.
  • How to Discover New Keywords.
  • How to Chose a Good Niche by Researching.
  • How to do Pro Keyword Research.
  • More...

On-Page SEO & Optimization

It is important to do On-Page SEO, most of the bloggers Don't know about this, So that I have Discuss on this Topic and Give a complete guide to On-Page SEO with different methods.

  • Complete Advanced guide to On Page SEO.
  • Optimize an Article.
  • Building Article Structure.
  • Optimizing Images.
  • Optimize Internal Linking & External Linking.
  • Accurately Target a Particular Keyword.
  • More...

Off-Page SEO & Link Building Secrets

Backlink Helps you to Boost Your Article/Blog on Top of Google. However, there is many Risk to Create manual backlinks. So that I have spent Maximum time on SEOMafia to Give you all the Secretes and Tactics of Creating Good and High-Quality Backlinks to Boost your Ranking.

  • How Backlink Works.
  • Types of Links.
  • Finding Websites to create Links.
  • How to Create High Quality Links.
  • Forum Links.
  • Guest Posting.
  • Comment Links.
  • Profile Links.
  • Image Links.
  • No-follow Secrets.
  • More...

Key Features of SEOMafia

  • 1080p Full HD Videos.
  • High Quality Audio.
  • 100% Hindi Language.
  • Theory + Practical Videos.
  • Easy to Access to All Videos.
  • Direct Download All Files to your Device.
  • Personal WhatsApp Group. (for V1.2)

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Please Note: Watch All Videos before buying This Course. This Course is only for Beginners who don’t know the Secrets of Ranking & SEO.

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SEOMafia V1.1

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Best For Beginners. Buy This if you don't have enough money to purchase V1.2.
  • Only SEOMafia v1.1
  • Total 2 Videos
  • Advanced Link Building & Secrets.
  • Advanced Keyword Research.
  • On-Page SEO & Optimization.
  • No Future updates.
  • WhatsApp Group.

SEOMafia V1.2

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Buy the Complete SEOMafia course, You will get the Next Update comletely FREE.
  • Both SEOMafia v12. & SEOMafia v1.1
  • Total 7 Videos
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO & Optimization
  • Link Building & Secrets
  • With Ranking Proof
  • Free Update of SEOMafia v1.3
  • WhatsApp Group

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